The Gunness Uncapper

We are now celebrating over 20 years of building the Dakota Gunness Uncapper, with satisfied customers all over the world. The Uncapper is equipped with 2 motors. One is a gear-reduction motor, and the other is a totally enclosed flail drive motor. Both are overrated for power needed to ensure long life of the machine.

They are both equipped with variable drives to achieve variable speeds in both the conveyer and in the flails.  The end links of the chain flails are protected with pop rivets to lessen wear breakage.

There are several minor adjustments that can be made on this machine.  Complete instructions are included with each machine purchased.  Once the machine has been set to your satisfaction, you will be able to fine-tune with the new Quick Adjustment feature.



The Dakota Gunness Uncapper is designed to completely remove the wax seal from the ends of the honeycomb cells.  This is achieved by HORIZONTALLY placing the combs on a conveyer where they are fed RAPIDLY through the STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN FLAILS which removes the wax tip.  These flails are located directly above and below the honeycomb as it is conveyed through the machine.  They are then ready to be placed in an extractor.

         Does Exactly What Every Beekeeper Wants

  • Completely removes wax seal from ends of heavy comb cells by uncapping both sides of the comb at the same time.

  • Speeds up uncapping operation by being able to place 3 shallows or modifies, or 2 deep combs on the conveyer at the same time.

  • Because of the gentleness with which the flailes remove wax tips, there is no damage to frames or combs.

  • Any width combs may be uncapped with slight adjustment from the widest wooden frame to the narrowest plastic comb.

  • Because considerably more wax is left on the cell walls, less wax will be built, with more honey produced.